Every retailer is on a unique omni-channel journey, and regardless of where you are, we’re the sherpa that can navigate the best path to get you from point A to Z.

Forward Staged Inventory

  • Forward stage your inventory so you have what you need, where you need it, when you need it – from the location closest to your target consumer
  • Uses:
    • Ecommerce order fulfillment
    • Re-supply stores in the mall
  • Be able to store and fulfill high turning products within hours of sales
  • Avoid out of stocks while minimizing replenishment costs

Ship-from-Store Routing and Optimization

  • Outbound, dynamic, shipment offerings. From ground shipping to same day delivery… all for lower rates with better service
  • Service all modes: TL (Truckload), LTL (Less Than Truckload), Parcel, Reverse, Air, International
  • Set-up through on-call service via Fillogic or through your existing carrier relationships
    • Bulk shipments (transfers, RTVs)
    • Ground shipping from bulk ground to next day. All carriers. Sorted by service level and zip code
    • Same day. The ability to schedule and route delivered on demand based on the need of the user

Ecommerce Order Processing

  • Three ways for Fillogic to save retailers labor, improve efficiencies on Ecommerce orders fulfilled from a retail store, all with no / minimal integration
    • No integration: Fillogic will pack your orders on site under your supervision – on your schedule
    • Light integration: Fillogic will take bulk orders to the Fillogic Hub location to pack / sort / ship
    • Full integration: Fillogic will pick / pack the full order via Fillogic technology

Inbound Receiving Optimization

  • Take away the pain of delivery on the carrier’s schedule, and make it work for you (retailer)
  • Create the ability to customize delivery schedules to work for your staffing schedules

Returns / Reverse Logistics

  • Have Fillogic receive / re-route all return volume to improve efficiencies
  • Handle RTVs (return to vendors), customer returns

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