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Get Your Retail Logistics in Gear

Fillogic has the brainpower to transform your retail ecosystem into a well-oiled, channel-free machine that makes middle- and final-mile logistics efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective

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reduction in distance to end consumer


reduction in transport emissions


less space required for warehousing

We’re Changing the Retail Ecosystem

Making it more connected and efficient than ever before

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    Retailers and Brands

    Improve customer delivery experience and profits with a full suite of channel-free logistics solutions

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    Real Estate Owners

    Fill excess space in your malls/shopping centers with full-service local market logistics hubs

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    Logistic Providers

    Gain new opportunities by joining our Delivery Marketplace

We Get Around

The Fillogic Hub Network can deliver to 98% of the country in 3 days or less – and we’re growing fast!

Position the right inventory at the right place with our ever expanding network.

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Fillogic's Family of Partners

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Join the Fillogic Family

We're passionate about transforming retail logistics into a channel-free, seamlessly connected, and sustainable solution. Our network of partners empowers retailers and brands to deliver an extraordinary customer experience.

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