Why Fillogic

We connect the retail ecosystem like no one else

The Answer is Clear

We are transforming the retail ecosystem like never before, enabling companies to meet the needs of today’s modern consumer.

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    Retail logistics are siloed and complex

    But Fillogic’s expertise and innovative technology connect all aspects of the supply chain, providing retailers end-to-end visibility

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    Retail space is underutilized

    The Fillogic Hub Network transforms excess space in malls/retail centers into fully functional, channel-free local market logistics hubs

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    Product is kept in disparate warehouses

    Since the Fillogic Hubs are in malls, products are stored right where they’re needed most – close to consumers – which reduces transit time, cost, and carbon emissions

Who Needs Fillogic, Anyway?

We’re the right partner for:

Retail logistics transformation is here.

Our rapidly expanding Hub Network, Delivery Marketplace, and innovative technology solutions break down silos and create new opportunities in the middle and final mile.

Contact us to discover how your company can become part of the Fillogic Family.

Our Approach

No logistics problem is too complex for us. We’ve seen it all, recognized the issues, and created ways to solve them. We are experts at what we do – transforming retail logistics to help our customers succeed.

At Fillogic, we are a family, and we are committed to:

  • Solving any problem that we’re faced with
  • Connecting the retail supply chain
  • Breaking down silos
  • Helping your customers win
sustainable fillogic

Building a More Sustainable Future

Not only are we solving today’s retail logistics problems, but we’re doing it in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. Here’s how:

We keep products closer to consumers, reducing transit time, distance, and emissions

We transform existing, empty retail space into fully functional micrologistics hubs, reducing the need for additional industrial/warehouse buildings

We make returns/reverse logistics easy and convenient, keeping products out of landfills and in stores (reducing travel from return center to warehouse back to retail shelves)

We participate in pallet recycling, reusable packaging, and other environmentally friendly shipping practices, reducing waste

The Hub Network is constantly expanding to position inventory in the right place at the right time.

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