Hub Network

Connected local market logistics hubs, located in retail centers or malls, that provide retailers with a full suite of innovative solutions and helps them keep inventory closer to where end consumers live, work, and shop.

Full-service retail logistics

Inventory management, ecommerce and store-based fulfillment, sort/seg/pack, and delivery centers

Save up to 40% in fulfillment costs per year using the Fillogic ecosystem

Improve customer delivery and returns processes

Forward-stage inventory and products to be at the right location at the right time

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Improve all logistics and fulfillment services more efficiently and at lower costs

Inbound Optimization

Receive shipments and process them within the retail center/mall location for fast turnaround and sort/seg/packing


Provide curbside, ship from store, ecommerce, drop ship, locker, in-store, BOPIS, and final delivery quickly and efficiently because product is kept near the end buyer

Forward-Stage Inventory

Keep fast-moving products stocked and stored where they’re needed most to increase product turn and profitability

Reverse Logistics

Turn returns into a money-maker instead of a money pit by processing them more efficiently and getting products back on the shelves faster

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We handle all retail logistics in one location and one connected technology system, so you can focus on selling merchandise.


Mall-based aggregation and sorts save time and money.

  • Ensure the right SKUs are in stock for rapid replenishment
  • Reduce labor costs and allow in-store staff to focus on customer service by letting Fillogic handle all fulfillment


Our connected hubs and partnerships help your company stay focused on what it does best. While we:

  • Efficiently place your product where it’s needed or get product there in 2 days or less
  • Position you for scalable growth and reduce retail logistics costs


Our network of micrologistics hubs position your business to scale and:

  • Fulfill orders quickly and more cost-effectively
  • Process returns more efficiently, positively impacting the bottom line
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    Meet or exceed the expectations of today’s consumers

    Fillogic helps retailers get the right product delivered to the end buyer rapidly through multiple fulfillment options

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    Gain total inventory visibility

    Through our proprietary software that integrates with other systems throughout the supply chain and our Delivery Marketplace, you can track inventory in real time – from where it is stored, throughout transit, to end delivery, and recommerce

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    Improve sustainability

    Our Hub Network repurposes retail space and positions inventory closer to consumers, reducing the need for warehouse builds/increased industrial footprint as well as total shipping miles