Fillogic’s Technology

Streamline your logistics operations and improve decision-making with end-to-end visibility throughout the entire supply chain

Efficient Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary technology connects disparate logistics systems to Fillogic’s Hub Network and Delivery Marketplace, creating one user-friendly interface. The Fillogic platform enables retailers to:

Easily incorporate additional data sources for better tracking and decision-making across all areas of operation

Access proprietary solutions, built by retail logistics experts, to manage store fulfillment, cross dock, sort-seg, re-commerce and reverse logistics

Accelerate speed-to-market and enable continued growth with quick implementations built on scalable infrastructure

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Transformative technology to move your business forward

Optimizing logistics operations

Visibility across your entire supply chain empowers you to proactively identify and resolve issues and improve overall efficiency.

Reducing costs

Our infrastructure brings your existing systems together and adds the critical functionality you need to optimize the flow of your products, without any incremental development costs or additional integration requirements.

Improving customer satisfaction

Provide your customers with faster and more accurate delivery times, increased transparency, and better inventory management to enhance the overall customer experience.

The Hub Network is constantly expanding to meet the needs of our partners

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Our retail partners benefit from a full-service partnership with industry pros

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