Retailers & Brands

Transform retail logistics from a struggle to a strength

Our channel-free approach to inventory management and fulfillment results in a more cost-effective, efficient, and better customer experience that strengthens your bottom line

Compete and win in today’s retail/supply chain landscape

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    Improve Fulfillment

    Achieve 98% same-day fulfillment while saving 20-30% on costs

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    Better Manage Inventory

    Forward-stage top-selling SKUs and move products across your retail ecosystem to where they’re needed with end-to-end visibility

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    Reduce Returns Cycle

    Get returned stock back to inventory in 72 hours instead of the usual 15 days – at half the cost

Meet and exceed customer demands

through a network of local market micrologistics hubs.

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    Save time, money, and carbon emissions

    By keeping products closer to the end consumer, fulfillment and transit time and shipping distance and costs are reduced

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    Provide a top-notch customer experience

    By offering curbside, BOPIS, ship-from-store, same-day or next-day delivery, hassle-free returns, forward-staged inventory, and more

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    Focus on the in-store experience

    By trusting Fillogic personnel to pick/pack/ship orders

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Build a more scalable infrastructure

Extend your existing logistics network and capabilities by accessing Fillogic’s already established, technology-enabled micrologistics hubs that come stocked with a full suite of products and solutions

Optimize receipt of inbound freight through Fillogic Hubs and fulfillment through Fillogic Delivery Marketplace

Sort/pick/pack orders efficiently for fulfillment then ship and track orders from placement through delivery, saving 10-20% in transportation time and costs

Integrate disparate retail logistics systems

Fillogic’s proprietary technology solution connects the entire supply chain in one platform, offering end-to-end visibility for all

Increase sustainability

  • Our use of existing infrastructure in malls keeps products closer to consumers, lowering carbon emissions and cutting down the need to build new warehouse space/industrial footprint
  • Our technology makes reverse logistics and returns management easier, saving items from the landfill and reducing product in-transit time

Connect with leaders and innovators

When you work with us, you’re a part of the Fillogic Family you will have:

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    Access to Fillogic’s in-house and partner experts – all of whom are knowledgeable at providing the right solution for the right price

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    A team dedicated to your business growth – we only succeed when you succeed

What grinds your gears?

We’ve seen it all. There’s no challenge too complex for the Fillogic Family.

We’re ready to tackle your logistics struggles and turn them into strengths through:

  • The Fillogic Hub Network
  • Delivery Marketplace
  • Our Technology
  • Our Team