Webinar Recap: Optimizing Reverse Logistics with Loop and Fillogic

Loop and Fillogic are revolutionizing reverse logistics through innovative logistics-as-a-service and post-purchase returns management software. Discover how in this blog.

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In the recent webinar “Loop and Fillogic Pioneer the Future of Reverse Logistics Partnerships,” Samir Kamnani, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Loop, and Bill Thayer, Founder and CEO of Fillogic, discussed the collaboration between their platforms, shedding light on how they are revolutionizing the returns and reverse logistics landscape for brands and retailers. 

Here's a comprehensive recap of the key insights shared during the session (or watch the full webinar below.) 

How Loop & Fillogic Work Together

Loop is a returns and exchange software platform for e-commerce brands that focuses on scaling and automating returns processes to enhance the overall customer experience. On the other hand, Fillogic is an end-to-end local market logistics platform with a focus on intercepting returns in the middle mile – the space where people live, work, shop and return items.

Integration Overview:

The collaboration between Loop and Fillogic is aimed at creating a seamless and automated returns experience. Loop, a software company, partners with logistics experts like Fillogic to handle the physical aspects of returns, like grading and disposition. The integration allows Fillogic to track returns and provide data back to Loop for better visibility and analysis.

Item Grading and Disposition:

A major challenge discussed during the webinar was the growing issue of returns fraud and abuse in the industry. Samir and Bill shared how Loop and Fillogic work together to combat this problem by providing detailed data on the condition and fate of returned items. Fillogic's platform significantly reduces fraud rates, bringing them down from 14% to less than 1%.

Boosting Efficiency and Trimming Costs:

The webinar also delved into how Loop and Fillogic collaborate to enhance efficiency and reduce costs in reverse logistics. Fillogic's focus on using existing infrastructure in the middle mile, such as shopping malls, contributes to faster returns processing, ensuring that items get back into circulation quickly. This approach results in turning returns 50 to 70% faster than traditional models, which ultimately unlocks opportunities for recommerce and sustainable liquidation.

Customizing Return Experiences:

The discussion touched upon the importance of customizing return experiences to balance customer satisfaction and profitability. Samir highlighted Loop's workflows feature, which allows brands to customize the return process based on customer profiles and behaviors. This customization helps mitigate risks associated with fraud and abuse while providing a positive experience for loyal customers. For example, a customer who has a history of returning damaged items or making multiple returns in a short period of time can be identified and required to conduct a manual return or charged a fee for making returns, while a customer in the loyalty program or making their first return will go through a free returns workflow. 

Implementing Return Fees:

The adoption of return fees is a growing trend, with over 50% of Loop merchants now charging a fee for returns. Customer surveys conducted by Loop indicated that 70% of consumers are willing to pay a fee for a convenient and premium return experience. This shift reflects a more strategic approach to balancing convenience and cost-effectiveness in the returns process.

Sustainability and Circular Logistics:

Both Samir and Bill emphasized the importance of sustainability in the returns and logistics industry. Fillogic's commitment to sustainability includes using recyclable bags and containers, transforming underutilized space in shopping malls and keeping items closer to the end consumer, all of which contribute to a positive environmental impact. The partnership with Loop amplifies these efforts, providing brands with a selling point that aligns with the growing consumer interest in eco-friendly practices.

Key Item Feature and Sustainability:

Loop's Key Item feature was highlighted as a powerful tool that allows shoppers to keep certain items without returning them, contributing to significant cost savings for merchants and reducing the logistical burden. 

Looking Toward the Future of Reverse Logistics

As e-commerce continues to evolve, the partnership between Loop and Fillogic represents a beacon of innovation. By leveraging technology, data analytics, and a shared commitment to sustainability, they will unlock new efficiencies and drive positive change in the retail industry.

The collaboration between Loop and Fillogic exemplifies the power of partnerships in driving innovation and sustainability in returns management. As brands navigate the complex landscape of returns, solutions that prioritize efficiency, customer experience, and sustainability will be paramount to long-term success.

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