Get your products to retailers faster, more efficiently, and for a lower cost

By using our mall-based Fillogic Hubs, you can ship goods to all locations and stores quickly and forward-stage fast-moving SKUs

Fillogic storefront

Brands benefit from using Fillogic because:

Inventory is kept in retail centers, meaning it is always close to the stores you want to be in and the closer to the end consumer

Forward-staging popular inventory from our strategically located Hubs puts your products where they need to be, when they’re needed, enabling you to sell fast and more profitably

Your inventory is channel-free – meaning we use the same stock for retail, ecommerce, or wholesale fulfillment

We provide capacity in the middle mile and final mile

Our proprietary technology integrates seamlessly into your systems, the systems of your supply chain partners, and other third-party platforms

What grinds your gears?

We’ve seen it all. There’s no challenge too complex for the Fillogic Family.

We’re ready to tackle your logistics struggles and turn them into strengths through:

  • The Fillogic Hub Network
  • Delivery Marketplace
  • Our Technology
  • Our Team