Circular, Sustainable & Efficient Retail Logistics

The Fillogic platform enables retailers to decrease warehouse space, keep products closer to consumers, and return SKUs to shelves quicker

The result is increased circularity and sustainability and lowered carbon emissions, fewer products in landfills, and more efficient processes that improve the consumer shopping experience.

Sprinter van driving in a circle around Fillogic logo signifying a closed loop, with Closed Loop Partners logo in the bottom left corner

Reduce Carbon Emissions & Landfilled Product

While saving time and money in the process!

Fillogic is Good for the Environment

With its circular and sustainable solution, Fillogic kept 18 tons of materials in circulation and avoided 65 tonnes of CO2e emissions in 2022, according to Closed Loop Partners’ 2022 Impact Report.

Fillogic storefront

Channel-Free = Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

The Fillogic platform enables retailers to operate in a channel-free environment, which maximizes their operational efficiency, circularity, and, ultimately, sustainability. Here’s how.

Revitalizing Existing Infrastructure

  • 5x less space required for warehousing
  • 80% emissions saved through reduced square footage
  • Reduces raw materials usage
  • Lowers environmental impact of empty building/building new

Being Closer to the End Consumer

  • Fillogic Hubs keep inventory 50% closer to the end consumer, on average
  • Reduces transport emissions by 20%

Improving Reverse Logistics

  • In-store returns reduces packaging material in landfills and lowers carbon emissions by up to 40%
  • On-site quality control/quality assurance decreases the need to ship product back to a warehouse and then out to a new store location
  • Less than 1% of returned products are landfilled, compared to 58% business-as-usual
  • Keeps materials in use longer

Decrease your carbon footprint and increase your efficiency by working with Fillogic.

Avoid the Landfill with Fillogic

Because we operate where consumers live, shop, and act, we shorten the distance products travel, lowering carbon emissions. Plus, we utilize existing retail space so you don't have to build new warehouses.