Digitally Native Brands

Give customers what they want – better fulfillment times, faster delivery, and efficient returns processes

By using our Fillogic Hubs, you’ll have the infrastructure you need to handle all warehousing and fulfillment and access to middle- and final-mile delivery partners

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Digitally native brands benefit from using Fillogic because:

We can manage everything – from receiving, inventory management, through the order being placed and its delivery – with full visibility throughout the entire process

We have the infrastructure you need – and better yet, it’s right near your end consumer, which cuts down on transit time, cost, and emissions

Our Delivery Marketplace aggregates capacity, allowing DNBs to get the most efficient carrier and cost-effective rates for their shipments

What grinds your gears?

We’ve seen it all. There’s no challenge too complex for the Fillogic Family.

We’re ready to tackle your logistics struggles and turn them into strengths through:

  • The Fillogic Hub Network
  • Delivery Marketplace
  • Our Technology
  • Our Team