Forward-Stage Inventory

Always have the products you need – when and where you need them

Our full-service Fillogic Hubs and logistics technology help retailers avoid out-of-stocks and ensure products are available for rapid replenishment – improving fulfillment and your bottom line

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Benefits include

Creating a Channel-Free Inventory

Fillogic Hubs manage inventory as one entity – allowing it to fulfill any orders necessary, whether in-store, BOPIS, ecommerce, curbside, etc.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Because all inventory is available to use for every channel, orders can be fulfilled quicker, providing improved product turn

Improving Profitability

Fillogic Hubs are located in local retail centers, keeping products closer to consumers, ensuring they can get their order faster, saving time and money in transit and storage/warehouse costs

Forward stage? Yes, please!

You can efficiently manage your inventory in a channel-free environment, allowing for quick turn of high-volume SKUs and even higher profit potential.

Sounds pretty good, right?