Exceed customer expectations with ecommerce and store-based fulfillment options that get products to people quickly and efficiently

Our mall-based Fillogic Hubs operate as full-service warehouses, saving retailers 20-30% in fulfillment costs and achieving 98% same-day fulfillment from mall-based locations

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    Store-Based Fulfillment

    Our store-based fulfillment solution uses frictionless technology and infrastructure to deliver localized logistics at scale

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    Ecommerce Fulfillment

    Simplify and optimize your ecommerce fulfillment through Fillogic’s integrated technology solution and local market logistics hubs

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How Fillogic Improves Fulfillment for Retailers & Brands

Reduces Last-Mile Delivery Costs

Fillogic saves on last-mile costs by aggregating orders from multiple stores because employees can pick items from stores and do “retail sweeps” throughout the day

Fulfills Orders Faster

Fillogic’s strategic partnerships with the country’s premier mall operators helps you to keep delivery commitments by collecting orders from stores and giving you the ability to offer customers a variety of delivery methods, from expedited shipping to same-day curbside pickup

Provides Better Visibility

The Fillogic logistics-as-a-service platform uses real-time, two-way integrations with retail order management systems (OMS) to enable expedited fulfillment, providing your customers with online access to shipment visibility through Fillogic’s network of national, regional, and local carriers

Creates Channel-Free Inventory

Fillogic Hubs manage inventory as one entity – allowing it to fulfill any orders necessary, whether in-store, BOPIS, ecommerce, curbside, etc.

Boosts Sustainability

Our decentralized model for distribution puts products closer to their final destination and reduces carbon emissions and waste by using existing retail infrastructure as fulfillment centers

Fulfill it up!

By working with Fillogic, you save time and money and ensure products are close to consumers, making for easy order fulfillment whether you’re a brand, brick-and-mortar retailer, or ecommerce company.