Fillogic to Manage Channel-Free Logistics for Koio Footwear

Fillogic will provide modern luxury footwear brand Koio with more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable logistics for their US operations.

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Today channel-free logistics platform Fillogic announces it will support modern luxury footwear brand Koio to offer a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable logistics solution near their U.S. customers. Specifically, Fillogic will manage Koio’s ecommerce and store fulfillment, reverse logistics and transportation optimization.

Fillogic converts under-utilized retail space in shopping malls into middle-mile fulfillment and reverse logistics hubs. Their proprietary Connected Technology Platform will integrate with Koio’s existing systems and allow them to ship to 98% of the mainland U.S. in three days or less. Retailers and brands using Fillogic improve service and reduce costs by up to 60%, improve return-to-stock by up to 70% and increase full-price sales by 180%. 

Sustainable logistics is a shared value between the two companies. Koio hosts a recycling program for customers to minimize the environmental impact of their shoes and is developing a regenerative leather supply chain. This means they’re making shoes that are 100% sourced from regenerative farms but also 100% biodegradable. In tandem, Fillogic helps its customers use five times less warehousing space, which saves 80% on warehousing emissions and 20% on transport emissions. 

"We’re thrilled to partner with Koio and offer them a channel-free logistics model. Consumers today don’t shop by the old omnichannel model. They shop channel-free and just want their stuff. They want their items shipped and returned faster, at a lower cost, with a focus on sustainability," said Fillogic Founder and CEO Bill Thayer. "By taking a channel-free approach, Koio can support the needs of their customers, all while reducing environmental impact. We’re excited to grow with them.”

"After having gone through a few logistics partners that did not keep up with their promises, trust and reliability were key for us in choosing a new 3PL. The Fillogic team impressed us with their organization, proactivity and direct communication," says Koio CEO, Chris Wichert.

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About Fillogic

About Fillogic

Founded in 2018, NYC-based Fillogic is a channel-free, local market logistics provider that converts under-utilized space in retail centers like shopping malls into middle-mile logistics centers. Fillogic provides retailers a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable middle-mile logistics platform that enables partners to optimize existing stores, people and inventory. For more information, please visit, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About Koio

Koio brings together modern design, sustainable Italian craftsmanship, and unparalleled comfort to create luxurious footwear for everyday wear. Their shoes are masterfully handcrafted using locally sourced leathers, suedes, and recycled materials. Every pair passes through the hands of 42 craftspeople before it’s deemed complete. Koio is the first premium footwear brand to build a regenerative supply chain, connecting carbon-sink, ecosystem-enhancing cattle farms in Switzerland with sustainable tanneries in Italy to introduce a first-of-its-kind regenerative leather to its line of shoes. The brand sells its shoes direct-to-consumer on Koio also operates stores in New York and Los Angeles and works with renowned wholesale partners like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Goop.

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