Inbound Optimization

Improve receiving optimization and delivery of incoming freight for a consolidated delivery of your inventory

Our full-service Fillogic Hubs receive product shipments and process them within the retail center/mall location for fast turnaround and sort/seg/packing

Map of US with locations connected by lines

Why You Should Use Fillogic Hubs for Inbound Freight

Simplifies Sort/Seg/Pool

Fillogic Hubs offer scalable sort/seg/pool operations to help brands optimize the receiving and delivery of inbound freight

Enables Consolidated Delivery

Fillogic Hubs can receive and stage from multiple inbound carriers providing retailers a consolidated delivery

Provides Access to Best-in-Class Technology

Fillogic’s proprietary technology connects all disparate systems throughout the supply chain for seamless visibility from inbound brands, distribution centers, and inventory to point-of-sale and customer delivery

Sort it. Seg it. Pool it. Pack it.

Optimize the receiving and delivery of inbound freight through Fillogic's proprietary technology and sort/seg/pool/pack and shipping services.

Plus, it allows your in-store staff focus on customer service.