Mall-Based Retailers

Keep your personnel focused on in-store customers and let us handle the rest

By using our Fillogic Hubs, located right near your stores, to handle marketplace fulfillment, store-based fulfillment, curbside, and BOPIS, you’ll save on transportation and labor costs and improve customer service

customers looking at clothing in store

Mall-based retailers benefit from using Fillogic because:

We utilize existing infrastructure located right in malls to stock your inventory, saving you time and money

We provide end-to-end logistics from order placed to final-mile delivery with full visibility

Our proprietary technology integrates seamlessly into your order management systems, allowing us to handle all fulfillment without interfering in day-to-day retail activities

We simplify reverse logistics and can get your returned merchandise back on store shelves quickly and profitably, saving transit time and costs because the items are returned to locations they are needed, not disparate warehouse locations

Fillogic Hub staff can make multiple order/product pickups and then pack, sort, and ship (whether it’s for curbside delivery, BOPIS, or final mile)

Our integrated Hubs share data so we can advise where to keep your SKUs based on where they’re shipping

What grinds your gears?

We’ve seen it all. There’s no challenge too complex for the Fillogic Family.

We’re ready to tackle your logistics struggles and turn them into strengths through:

  • The Fillogic Hub Network
  • Delivery Marketplace
  • Our Technology
  • Our Team