Reverse Logistics

Process returns more efficiently and profitably, ensuring products are made available for sale faster

Fillogic reduces the time it takes to get products back on the shelf from weeks to days – up to 200% faster and with a 50% reduction in cost

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How Fillogic processes returns

Fillogic's mall-based micrologisitcs Hubs provide retailers, carriers, and mall owners a convenient location to consolidate reverse logistics activities

Hub staff then:

  • Processes the items
  • Conducts quality assurance (QA) to route products for resale, return to vendor (RTV), or disposition
  • Repairs, cleans, tags, and bags items

Fillogic technology:

  • Provides full visibility of returned products, from receipt to storage and re-fulfillment
  • Offers a single view of inventory available to sell
  • Allows for rapid, scalable growth from seamless integration with our nationwide logistics network
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Benefits of Improved Reverse Logistics

Increased Profitability

Fillogic’s end-to-end logistics services guarantee product returns will be available for resale in 3 days or less, reducing stocking/transit/processing costs and increasing resale opportunities

Lower Carbon Footprint

  • Fillogic's approach to intercepting returns in the final and middle mile while performing the quality control/quality assurance work on-site reduces the miles a returned product travels
  • It also reduces the amount of packaging needed, keeps materials in use longer, and sends fewer items to landfills
  • By allowing online purchases to be returned in-store, Fillogic reduces packaging material in landfills and lowers carbon emissions by up to 40%

More Options for Returns

Fillogic’s strategic partnerships with the country’s premier mall operators provides exclusive access to more than 450 convenient retail locations nationwide for customer drop-offs, inventory consolidation, and returns processing

Better Visibility

Fillogic’s proprietary technology allows us to accept, process, ship, and track customer returns and RTVs, providing retailers with unmatched visibility of shipment progress and real-time inventory visibility

Return of the pack(age)

Take the pain out of reverse logistics by working with Fillogic. They’ll handle the processing and QA and get products back to the shelf 200% quicker.