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Lower costs, improve service levels, and optimize labor costs.

Optimize omni-channel fulfillment with Fillogic Hubs

Access the best same-day delivery rates through Fillogic

Reduce labor costs, align store priorities, and support stores in servicing online customers

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Optimize your network by saving time and money.

Unlock efficiencies and cost savings through Fillogic’s network

Outbound consolidation and inbound de-consolidation made easy

Improve overall service levels for your retail clients

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Differentiate yourself with a scalable, turnkey logistics platform

Provide logistics tech, infrastructure, and operating capabilities

Unlock new value across your physical real estate assets

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Building to Scale

With over 450 top-tier retail centers in-network, Fillogic is
scaling rapidly nationwide

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We’re digitally transforming the physical retail ecosystem to meet the demand and expectations of modern consumers.